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Every mage can feel the dark lure of blood magic. 

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Fruity Fanny Packs


Fruity Fanny Packs

i live on top of a bar

so i was waklin home from dnd with a dude and in the one half of a block we split up from eachother i got harassed 3 times in about 40 seconds including someone who asked if i needed help opening my door and stepped right up behind me in the alcove where my door is aaaa why is the world like thisssss

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Perpetual Calendar, 2013 | by Arina Pozdnyak



DONE! :)))))))))))))

1976 Airstream, renovated by me and viscousvices

Damn that took forever.

You are amazinggggggg.

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green colors in the city

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I hit on my friends more than I hit on my crushes


See now I’m on a feminism bender and I want to talk about all the female characters done massive injustice by this fandom.

Let’s talk about Anora. Let’s also have a fucking talk about Isabela. In fact, let’s have a riveting discussion RE: fandom reactions to “betrayals” of female characters vs. male characters.

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part 2 of the beach episode

now including wardens

i forgot to include the scars in the last one but tbh idc i’m so tired

edit: oh god i forgot oghren……

let’s just say he was too drunk for the final photo